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This is very exciting! You are about to be equipped with the biggest hookup an outdoorsy college student can get...delivered right to your inbox!

College Outside is an intercollegiate network of outing clubs started by college students for college students. We connect college outing clubs in our network to each other, and to the outdoor brands and resources you need to help get you outside. 

What you can expect from us in our newsletters are:

    •    The inside scoop on intercollegiate events going on in your area

    •    Massive promo codes, gear giveaways, and other opportunities to outfit your next adventure with the brands you love

    •    Access to discounted gear if you a part of a certificed outdoor club or program.

    •    Job and internship postings within the outdoor industry so that you can work and play in the same place during or after college

    •    No more than one beautifully crafted e-mail every two weeks

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-The College Outside Team


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